The MyMight team

These people help you control technologies in buildings effortlessly. They also provide IoT solutions consultations and trainings.

Get to know us


We are connected by a passion for technology

At MyMight we wish a more comfortable life for Czechia. Our solutions are handled by our team.


Marek Řezáč

CEO MyMight

“Experiment while you can.”

Marek is our funding father and the creator of the MyMight strategy. Back when he wanted to register a domain for the company, he had to borrow his mother’s credit card, but none of them regret that now 🙂 He started programming web portals while studying at university and he developed an iOS app together with his friend. He likes that at MyMight he can do things differently and lead a creative team of people who like to think outside the box.


Margarita Kinská

Marketing Manager & Partnerships

“I am a creative mind with a business heart.”

Margi joined the MyMight team at the end of 2019 and she became a part of our innovation team and started working in the area of marketing and strategy. She studied diplomacy, and after that she worked in Microsoft and as a freelancer. She handles marketing and partnerships, and basically anything else too. 🙂


Jan Pavlica

Product Owner

“Come teach us something new!”

Honza came to us from our mother company GORDIC, where he took part in developing projects for the Ministry of Defense or the Central-Bohemian region. He likes the agile approach to innovation at MyMight. Today he is the Develop Team Leader and Product Owner of our Myjordomus. He says he likes his colleagues and enjoys new challenges.


Vratislav Jindra

Android Developer


Ondřej Hric

iOS Developer


Ondřej Bauer

Frontend Developer


Luděk Kostera

Frontend Developer


René Kollár

Software Architect


Jiří Němec

DevOps Engineer


Václav Konečný

Backend Developer


Lukáš Ratkovský

Backend Developer


David Bulawa

Backend Developer


Jiří Dvořák

Backend Developer

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What the team says about working at MyMight

I joined the team in summer 2018. At the time, I was finishing my first year in college and wanted to get some industry experience. I was tired of only doing school projects that lay untouched on GitHub after deadline.

I was sold by the great team we have at MM and by being able to work in the area of IoT.

David BulawaSenior SW Developer


What I most enjoy about MyMight is trying new technologies. I got the opportunity to try an incredible amount of home automation technologies, from robust KNX and PLC solutions to a funny kickstarter bluetooth solution that looked a bit like a Russian matryoshka.

I got a lot of opportunities to use my experience with embedded systems. I had almost the same job offer Israel, but laziness won. 🙂

Jiří NěmecDevOps Engineer


I’m a bit of a geek, I like smart homes, and I like that the other team members think the same way. I have the opportunity to implement a lot of my ideas, get educated, put my newly acquired knowledge into practice, etc. Furthermore, I like the option to work from home and the relatively flexible hours. I also enjoy the friendly attitude of my superiors and the nice people on our team. And, of course our focus on smart homes.

Vratislav JindraAndroid Developer


I joined the team three years ago and like most tech enthusiasts, I am fascinated by cutting-edge technologies. So as soon as I heard IoT, I was sold.

What I definitely enjoy about working at MyMight is the diversity. For such a small team, we have a very wide range of technologies and platforms – from cloud services to native mobile apps, web apps, desktop, or services running on ARM devices.

Václav KonečnýBackend Developer


I have been with MyMight from the beginning and what I liked the most was the opportunity to build a product. I like the fact that the things we do at work I use at home too.

René KollárSoftware Architect


We work with the following technologies

Have a look at which programming languages, systems and platforms and hardware we use in the development of our solutions, and which you can use if you work with us.

  • angular2x


    This platform for web developers forms the basis of our Designer and Dashboard apps.

  • ngrx-badge2x


    We use this library to organize and manage state and interactions with that state in our Angular web applications.

  • typescript-logo2x


    We write code in TypeScript, a superstructure over JavaScript to extend it with static typing and other attributes.

  • npm-logo2x


    We use the javascript package manager for our web apps. It makes them easy to install and maintain.

  • kotlin-logo2x


    We use Kotlin for Android app development, which helps improve development productivity and code security.

  • swift-logo2x


    A modern programming language from Apple, designed for development on macOS, watchOS and iOS platforms.

  • fastlane-logo2x


    A platform aimed at simplifying the development and release process of our Android and iOS apps.

  • jetpack-logo2x


    A modern toolset for creating native user interfaces on Android and our Myjordomus mobile app.

  • java-logo2x


    One of the most widely used programming languages in the world, on which our microservices on the backend are built.

  • spring-framework-logo2x

    Spring framework

    A popular framework for developing J2EE applications that every one of our microservices uses.

  • hivemq-logo2x


    MQTT broker facilitates fast and reliable data movement between connected devices. It is mainly used by our Myjordomus and Dashboard apps.

  • hibernate-logo2x


    A framework that enables so-called object-relational mapping of data to objects can be found in all our microservices.

  • kubernetes-logo2x


    A framework for orchestrating virtualization at the operating system level that we use in our production environment.

  • kafka-logo2x


    A distributed event streaming platform that forms the basis of our microservices communication.

  • sentry-logo2x


    A service that helps us monitor and fix our application failures in real time.

  • gitlab-logo2x


    A web-based Git repository and DevOps platform for our complete frontend and backend development.

Who we support

We cooperate with many organizations and websites across the Czech Republic.