MyMight IoT platform

Integrated platform for development of software IoT solutions.

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Hardware producersConnect all your facilities in one app under your own brand.
FE app developersFocus on software development. Hardware integration is already taken care of in the platform.
Building developersGive your developers the basis for building your apps.
Government institutions and municipalitiesBuild a smart city on a reliable and safe platform.

I am interested in the MyMight IoT platform


Areas of use for the MyMight IoT platform

Successful implementation of IoT does not mean having many smart projects, but how well they are connected. Whether you are building a smart home, smart parking, or a whole city, we will help you connect everything.

  • insurance companies and banks
  • office spaces, airports, railway stations, sports halls
  • government organizations, schools, offices
  • logistics centers and industrial halls
  • retail and development
  • office buildings and shopping malls

Where you can use our IoT platform

Display apps and dashboards

Our platform contains visualization software for iOS and Android, and web apps for hardware overview. You can adapt the apps to suit your visual style, so your client will not see any difference between your app and the platform.


Analytic features and forecasts

Make forecasts and get the most of the IoT data. You can customize all features according to your needs.


Benefits of MyMight IoT platform


interface for your project’s hardware elements


process optimization = lower error rate = higher productivity


easy navigation for the development team

Reliability and safety

encrypted communication

Integration via API

easy integration with your software

Data and innovation

new opportunities for your business and better decision-making thanks to data collection and analysis

I am interested in the MyMight platform

Tech specifications

The MyMight IoT platform will take care of authentication, safety, mobile clients etc. You can use the time that you would spend on platform development to develop your app.


(Java, Spring Framework)


Certificate authentication or OAuth2

Logo MyMight

Own documentation at


Documentation in
OpenAPI 3.0 format

Are your current technologies not sufficient anymore?

Do you have smart technologies at home but feel like they are too limiting?
We will pick up where you ended and create a tailor-made solution for you.

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