Take a look behind the curtain

Take a look at where Myjordomus and other IoT solutions are created.

To the backstage


“As soon as I heard “IoT”, I was sold.”

MyMight is about innovation, technologies, and trying new things. It’s about a great team of honest people. We support education, ideas and self-improvement of our colleagues, and we work together on making peoples’ lives better with Myjordomus.


“Working at MyMight combines startup atmosphere with mid-sized company elements.”

We are a small team, but we do big things! We have true geeks, visionaries and creative minds among us. We all try to make our work useful and have fun doing it. And so far we have been good at it!


“Don’t be afraid to ask a question and say what’s on your mind. Give us your suggestions.”

We take pride in the fact that everyone has the opportunity to come up with their own idea, an improvement, or a comment. We give people the freedom to do the work but also spend time with their families, study work on themselves, but at the same time, we care about the quality of our solutions, so we are strict about the results of our work, because that’s the only way we can move forward.

Our world is the world of IoT

Our world is the world of IoT

We make technologies communicate

The main part of our work is the Myjordomus app. But besides that, we develop other solutions for building automation – IoT platform, dashboard and display and monitoring apps. In short, we develop various solutions for a healthier, smarter, more economical and comfortable life in and around buildings.

Who we support

We cooperate with many organizations and websites across the Czech Republic.