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Services that will help you make your home and your team smart

Use our experience and know-how from smart homes area and IoT software development. We will help you choose the most suitable technologies or develop your own IoT solutions.


Training and consultations

Explore the possibilities of IoT for homes, hotels and office spaces and enter the world of smart buildings. We will advise you on what to look for in home automation or how to choose the right technologies and suppliers for your development project. Your first consultation is free.

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Smart home from the project phase

Are you constructing or reconstructing a building and want to include the wiring for automation in your project? Contact us, we will advise you on what you will need to prepare and include in the project to make the implementation of a smart building seamless.


Smart switchboard wiring diagram

We will help you prepare a schematic diagram for the main switchboard of your smart building, which will be the basis for the production documentation of the switchboard. This will ensure that you have all the necessary sensors.


Home automation cabling supply

Once we have the RH diagram and other documents for the wiring, together with our partners we will arrange the supply of cabling for both heavy and low current.


Supply of the main switchboard

We will supply everything that we plan for you. We will provide the location and wiring of the home switchboard, including the wiring of the end elements.


Supply of the EZS switchboard

The “alarm system” is an important element of smart homes and here too, together with our expert partners, we will ensure that all sensors are connected to keep your home safe.


Supply of other distribution elements

We will supply and install other electrical elements for your smart home and prepare everything for modem connection.


Switching on the system and introducing Myjordomus

Once all the cables are laid, the switchboard and all the sensors are connected, it is the turn of Myjordomus to be commissioned on site.


Electrical inspections

Together with our partners, we will arrange regular inspections of the electrical wiring of your smart buildings. You will save time finding an inspection engineer who understands automation.

Who we support

We cooperate with many organizations and websites across the Czech Republic.