Smart cities. Smart offices. Smart homes.We have the smart solution for you.

We securely connect all your Internet of Things devices to one central system to manage them better, giving you better control and oversight. Whether you manage a city department, company production, or anything where internet devices and sensors are involved, MyMight can make it all run smoother, saving you time and money.

We think things, so you can think bigger.

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How we make the Internet of Things work better for you

MyMight connects all your equipment to one common platform, making things quick and easy to manage.

Connect everything


Solutions that last. We provide stable custom interfaces to link your technologies together, eliminating operational inefficiencies.

You don't have to lose , what is already working

Don't fix
what isn't broken

MyMight's open API provides effortless connectivity to existing systems.

Obtain security

Gain added security

MyMight uses the same level of strong encryption as the best banks do, because our data security experts know how valuable and confidential your data is to you.

Everything works at your place or the cloud

Access your devices on site or in the Cloud

Choose where MyMight best suits your needs, you'll get the same great results.

Connecting the Internet of Things with information systems

Optimize your devices' network while using your existing infrastructure

MyMight lets you connect just about anything to anything. It's fully scalable and maps to your needs, saving on operational costs.

A small investment that buys a solid future

With MyMight, you not only acquire an optimal solution for your current needs, but also the dependability that will keep on working strong well into the future.

Continual development a optimization

Solutions that never get old

Hardware changes quickly and upgrading is to be expected. Our platform lets you connect new devices to existing equipment with ease.

New possibilities

New possibilities

Many devices that once needed to be operated manually now work things out by themselves. When smart technology items communicate with each other, they perform better.

Continual development a optimization

Continual evolution

Data exchange monitoring allows us to identify and create even better configurations among the various technologies of your platform as time goes on, further improving performance.

What we can do for you

Our platform allows you to easily and securely control all smart devices from one central point.

It also allows you to track the devices over time and collect data sets. All in real time, of course.

Your devices will be simultaneously connected in such a way as to react with each other. All you need to do is set the rules of engagement. You could set the intensity of a street light, for example, to react to whether a pedestrian is walking under it.

And the best part is that MyMight is continuously collecting important data, which you can access and interpret as need be. What's more, because these technologies really are smart, over time your devices recognize what and when they have to do automatically, helping create customized optimal solutions based on those data patterns.

Three parts, one connectivity solution

Interconnection of technologies


Every technology has its own mode of communication, and so needs its own interface. Our platform understands all standard interfaces and many non-standard ones. And our coverage is continually expanding.


The server stores and unifies all the data collected and converts it to SI units, or other metrics that meet your needs. It then analyzes the data and performs functions. It can predict, for example, when a container will need emptying based on the volume of garbage being reported.

Processing and analysis
Open API

Open API

We don't limit your control. You have full access to your data. And with our open interface you can easily build your own applications for all devices connected to the platform. Give it a try at

We are MyMight. We love working with technology.

One of us wanted to simplify life a bit and be able to manage household appliances with his phone. None of the solutions on the market suited his needs, so he wrote his own app.

He wrote it so well that here we are, a few years later with over a dozen enthusiastic and visionary employees.

A vision of a better world with a better Internet of Things.

We started out as the innovation team of Gordic. And even though we've since grown to become a company in our own right, those first years' experience remain fresh in our minds. Innovation will always be a key part of our success.

We are also actively participate in running the data security platform, because we believe that everyone deserves a safer internet.

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