Teaching technologies to understand each other

MyMight integration platform connects diverse IoT elements into one ecosystem. Whether you want to control waste management in a city or predict maintenance in a manufacturing plant.

Purpose of integration in IoT


Prolong the vitality of your projects for years thanks to platform that can work with technologies that might not exist yet.

Added value

Only technologies that can react
to each other let you to enjoy
their functions fully.

Potential connections

In the future, we can find unexpected connections between the data from different sources.

How do we do that?

We provide an IoT integration platform that enables you to control smart technologies, set reactions in between them or collect data in a real time.

So you can adjust the intensity of the street lamp light according to walking pedestrians while observing and recording its current electricity consumption.

Elements of architecture

No vendor lock-in

There is no such a thing like an universal connector which could provide all data unified. With us you can choose environmental sensors, security system or almost any kind of technology according to your requirements and we ensure their connectivity. Currently we provide most common protocols, such as KNX, M-Bus, Modbus, HDL BusPro, Sigfox, LoRa, Global Cache and Micropel EPNP.


Many IoT solutions are based on predictions, which makes a real-time and also historical data source essential. MyMight platform is recording every single change which happens, unifies its form and therefore provides a powerful source of data for further analysing and determining trends.

Open API

Just as type of smart technologies differs, the end system, in which are acquired data processed, is different. Thanks to open API you can easily connect various third party systems, such as SCADA, ERP, BI or machine learning. It is also possible for you to develop your own application which will use MyMight platform.

Let’s have a look at https://api.mymight.com

Main benefits

High-level security

Encrypted communication,
client certificates

Open API

RESTful web services,
MQTT interface

On-premise / Cloud

Different deployment,
same functions

Need a complex solution?

We’ve got you covered!

Solution for

Smart Cities

Solution for


Solution for

Building automation

About MyMight

We started as an innovation team within our parent company GORDIC, which is a software leader in the public sector in the Czech Republic.

Our first project was Myjordomus, an application for smart buildings. As we gained more experience, we created an IoT integration platform and expanded our scope to smart cities and industry.

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